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Fort Providence ~ The Road Trip

Friday, September 20, 2013, our mission started early at 5:00 am with cool temperatures of 3 degrees and a full trailer.


As we headed out on the Yellowhead highway to Edmonton, we made our way north to Peace River Alberta and the start of the Mackenzie highway. The further we travelled, the serenity of the North country set in.  As we witnessed the highways lined with endless trees in spectacular shades of deep rich autumn colors, we were reminded that God's beauty is everywhere.

After logging 1150 kilometers, Manning Alberta was our first nights rest stop. Thankful for a safe journey so far.

Trailer_by_Manning       Moose


Welcome to the Northwest Territories

Traveling along uncrowded highways, we are welcomed to the Northwest Territories by the north of 60 sign. The majestic splendor and tranquility of God's north country is absolutely breathtaking!

As the kilometers rolled by, and the deafening silence of the wilderness assaults our senses, we are reminded that it is in silence that God speaks to us and clarity merges.

River     River_Closer 

As we approached the turn off to Fort Providence we crossed the much awaited new Deh Cho Bridge. This 202 million dollar project replaced the Merv Hardie Ferry that brought us across the mighty Mackenzie River last August.  It was exciting to drive across the completed bridge.

After 1992 kilometers Fort Providence welcomed us with sunny blue skies, 24 degrees, gas prices of $1.45, and those darn old pesky flies!

We_made_it    Ft_Providence_Welcome_Sign


Thank you Lord for getting us here safely.

Parish Mission

Your servants in Christ,

Randy & Debra

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It is so easy to take what we have for granted. But when we really stop and think of how special something is, we will realize how blessed we are. Even though we should try to be thankful often, this time of year really draws our attention to it. Family is our most important blessing. They are our lives and our loves and they are part of our very being! Sometimes we take them for granted and don't appreciate how much they really mean to us.

Another blessing is the beautiful summer we had and the wonderful weather continues. I think we appreciate it even more since the previous two summers were not as nice.

Wherever you are reading this, take a look at your surroundings (even if you are in a small room). If you really looked you could probably come up with many things or reminders of people and memories you are thankful for. Take the computer you are sitting at as you read this. Because of that technology, we have access to long arms of knowledge and communication literally at our fingertips. Think of those inspirational or educational emails we get from our friends. They really make us stop and think of how lucky we are. One of the emails that comes to mind is the one about a typical person complaining about various health issues that can go wrong with us, until we see someone who doesn’t have use of those body parts at all. For example, we complain about how tired our legs are after having to walk for a long time until we see someone who has no legs. Someone was telling me the other day that she was thankful for the pain of an unexplained illness she went through a few years ago. Now that she is better, she gives thanks for her health every day.

Sometimes, when something not so great happens, I wonder: “What did I do to deserve this?” I still do this because of course I would like everything to go smoothly and the way I want it to go. I also think that someone is working against me and that I have the worst luck. But how many times have you heard that hardships build strong character? We usually don’t see this until the hardship is long gone.

But probably because of the ‘hardships’, when something good happens to me sometimes I am in awe and I still ask, “What did I do to deserve this?” Other times I just expect things to go right. Apparently, there is no pleasing me!

Whoever came up with the everyday ‘to do list’ that tells us to think of 10 things to be thankful for everyday, really opened my eyes to how much I really have  and have been given. I used to think of all the negative things going on in my life but, even though I will always be a work in progress, I see more of the positive these days.

What do you have to be thankful for?

Have a Blessed and Thankful Thanksgiving!

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