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My Daily Bread

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Sometimes I find it hard to tell what I really need.

For example, a pregnant woman (who shall not be named) went to the store on Monday to get one thing.

She came home instead with several bags of things, including 3 jars of pickles, and 3 boxes of cereal.  (Come on, the pickles were 3 different kinds because she couldn't make up her mind!  And the cereals were all healthy ones, no cocoa pebbles or anything like that...I mean, really, she had a stressful day, it was close to supper time, it was a Monday...).

Seriously though, I often have days where I just feel like I'm not sure if  I have the energy and ability to get through the day.  I beg Our Father to give me more patience, more grace, more peace.  I feel like sometimes I don't have what it takes to make it through what He expects of me.  There are also times where I just want “stuff”, or I need a little “retail therapy”.  In those times I have to challenge myself to think: what do I really want?  What is it that I need?  Are the things I'm longing for material things, or are they lasting?

I often feel like our culture propels some of this idea of always wanting more, accumulating more, desiring more.  It is hard to know what we really need, or what is really important sometimes.  When we are in a state of stress or worry, sometimes we just feel like “we deserve” to have a break, we deserve to have a lot of chocolate, we deserve to indulge.  I don't think that is always a bad thing, but again, it is challenging to figure out what is really needed at those times.  Does that extra chocolate make me feel better, or do I need to seek out my Saviour more?  Maybe I should do both!  Sometimes the little bit of chocolate helps me to slow down for that few minutes that I savour it, maybe I can pray while I thank God for the beautiful dark chocolate...  Maybe what I need is to just slow down and listen, or to reflect on God's work in my life.  Maybe I need to spend time with a friend or another loved one, to have a date night with my husband or a good laugh with my kids.  Maybe I need to step outside of myself and do something nice for someone else, to help me refocus on what's important.

1201967_homebaked_breadMaybe my daily bread is enough.  Like Moses and the Israelites in the desert, maybe I only need a little manna to sustain me.  Maybe I need to live on the bread I'm given, and trust in the Word that God has given us- clinging to His Son when I feel like I don't have enough.

“Lord, help us to set our minds on higher things.   Help us to cling to you for what we need.  May our daily bread fill us and sustain us.  Give us peace in the knowledge that your grace is sufficient, especially when we feel insufficient.   Amen.”


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    sharon June 03, 2011

    Did you write this while watching me at the store last week?....seriously thanks, I needed to read it.

  • Guest
    Catherine van Kampen July 13, 2011

    This is really great! I agree, but couldn't have put it nearly as well. Thanks for bringing up some really good questions.

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    Isabelle Jonathan October 10, 2018

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    Bianca February 25, 2019

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    Alisv July 29, 2019

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