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I am the “King of Patience”! Well I am...when it comes to U2!

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I’m of Irish descent and a hard-core fan of the Irish rock group – U2!  I first fell in love with this mega-band in 1987 when they released the album “Joshua Tree”.

In my humble opinion (which is shared by many a U2 fan) “Joshua Tree” is the album! All I have to hear are the opening riffs to “Where the Streets have no Name” or Adam’s bass opening up “With or Without You” and I am taken to place of serenity, joy and happiness.  It was a great time in my life and this album serves as the ultimate reminder of that time.

It has always been my dream to see U2 live in concert!  I own many U2 concert DVDs, and every time I put one on – I envision myself in the audience (actually, I sometimes imagine I’m Bono) living the dream!

Well it finally came true for Tanya and I!

After waiting two years from the time we received our tickets (thanks to two wonderful friends) we finally lined up outside Commonwealth Stadium last Wednesday at 1:50pm to get in to see Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam.  With a concert start time of 7:00pm we knew we had to settle in for the long haul.  (Not as long as some other die-hards mind you, who arrive the night before)

So we waited and we waited and we waited - patiently.

U2360Edmonton_042At 5:00pm we took our places in the inner circle (15’ from the stage!  Woot!  Woot!) and waited some more!  The Fray opened the concert at 7:30pm and my heros took the stage at 9:15pm as David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” (Ground Control to Major Tom) blarred out over the stadium.

I was elated!  I was overjoyed!  I was at home with 65,000 screaming fans (most of them Irish I am sure) – and I loved it!

After the concert, we stood in line again (with about 50,000 people) waiting patiently to get onto Edmonton’s LRT system so that we could get back to our hotel room.  No one pushed, no one was aggravated.  After all, we’ve just spent the last two hours listening to the biggest rock band in the world.

Who in their right minds could be impatient after an experience like that?

We got back to the hotel at 1:30am and ordered pizza.  Well I guess all 65,000 fans decided to order pizza at that ungodly hour ‘cause we had to wait (VERY IMPATIENTLY – we called the pizza joint two times after we ordered to inform them that we were not happy) to have our supper at 3:00am!

All this got me thinking!  I was the “King of Patience” for the last two years as I waited to see my band.  I was a picture of serenity and good will as we stood in line before, during and after the concert.

Not one word of frustration crossed my mind or passed my lips that day until…I had to wait for my supper!


When it come to something I truly want to experience, waiting isn’t an issue! But when it is something fairly pedestrian like pizza…I can be very impatient.

Perhaps it comes down to the way I see things. When it comes to seeing U2 live, I see it as a privilege and an honour just to be there.  I am truly grateful for the experience.

When it comes to food and service however, I just expect that my needs will be met.  And when they’re not, look out!  Not much gratitude there, just a sense of entitlement.

Could it be that my “sense of entitlement” causes me to become impatient?

Maybe I become impatient with my kids because I expect them to be and act a certain way!

Maybe I become impatient at Walmart because I expect the poor lady working at the till to work faster because after all…I’m entitled to get on with my day!

Maybe impatience is just a way for me to focus on…me.

Thinking about this has invited me to start to seeing life as one great big ongoing U2 concert…seeing every day as a beautiful day…an opportunity to live life to the fullest…an opportunity to be grateful…and if I have to wait in line…so be it…after all, I can be the “King of Patience.”

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